Pet Talk Newsletters

  • Pet Talk June 2019 - Paws In Need Donation Drive. Meet Patient Pippi. Top Tips To Keep Our Grandpets Snug And Cosy! Keeping Your Pet Warm In Winter.
  • Pet Talk May 2019 - To Desex Or Not to Desex? FIV Vaccination Offer. 5 Reasons To Care About Your Pet's Dental Health. How to Control The Shedding.
  • Pet Talk April 2019 - Dog Walk 16th May. Meet Winnie. Dental Disease in Cats. The Chow Down on Eating Habits. A Tail Through Time: Hairballs.
  • Pet Talk March 2019 - Meet Puma. Let's Talk About Easter. Getting Your Pet Holiday Ready. Can You Hear Me?
  • Pet Talk February 2019 - Jonas & the Grass Seed. The Holiday Weight. Feeding Fabulous Felines. Essential Nutrients for Your Dog.
  • Pet Talk January 2019 - Adopt, Don't Shop. New Year, New Vaccinations. Grass Seed Season. Stay Safe By The Water.
  • Pet Talk November & December 2018 - Our senior pets, warm weather & small pets, holiday hazards, happy new noise phobias, and keeping your pet cool in summer
  • Pet Talk October 2018 - Moving houses with your cat, the world of parasites, allergy season, and poisonous plants
  • Pet Talk September 2018 - Meet Sully, vital vaccinations, time to visit the vet and your pet's nutrition.
  • Pet Talk August 2018 - Meet Maggie, brushing your pet's teeth, litter box problems and why cats groom
  • Pet Talk July 2018 - Seizure in pets, flatulence in dogs, winter blues and keeping indoor cat happy
  • Pet Talk June 2018 - Fluffy's microchip, senior pet health checks and managing pain
  • Pet Talk May 2018 - Introducing Rachael, heart health, check ups and shedding
  • Pet Talk April 2018 - Our new team members, and your pet's oral health
  • Pet Talk March 2018 - Rat bait warning, Easter safety, bad breath and ear infection
  • Pet Talk February 2018 - Meet Sesame, good nutrition for pets and obesity
  • Pet Talk January 2018 - Meet Hurley, puppy behaviours and summer safety tips