My pet is seizuring: What do I do?

Observing anyone having a seizure can be quite distressing especially if it is a loved family member with 2 legs or 4. Seizures can arise for any number of reasons and occur when the chemical or mechanical communication signals to the brain are interrupted which can be caused by illness or exposure to toxins.  

So, what do I do? 

  • Do not try to restrain your pet or stop the jerking.  
  • Do not try to move them or put anything in their mouth.  
  • Protect the patient from harming themselves.  
  • Put something soft under their head if safe to do so. 
  • Do not wake them up but do check their breathing.  
  • Look after any injuries they may have.  
  • Time the seizure and if able, film it. 

Seek veterinary help. If this is your pet's first seizure, the vet will likely recommend a blood screen to check for any underlying illness. It may be recommended that medications be given but this will be judged case by case.