Mel is going on 21

In early 1998 our lovely clients Jacqui and Paul adopted a 12-month-old female cat from the RSPCA in East Burwood along with their now departed dog, Gabba.

She was in a cage with many other cats, but she followed them along the length of the cage as they walked along looking at other cats. She sure wanted to promote herself! Jacqui and Paul ended up choosing her and named her Mel and she has been with them ever since. Mel is a very affectionate cat and always used to jump onto their laps to curl up and used to enjoy watching TV. She soon found the ducted heating vent and plonked herself on it in cold weather.

Mel liked watching the Melbourne Demons on TV although we follow other teams!

Mel accepted their baby Megan (now 15) into the family well and they remember one time when Megan was ill in her cot with a high temperature; Mel sat in a rocking chair near her keeping watch over her for about 2 hours.

Mel was very active and used to jump up onto their carport, the roof of the house and explore other places, but she always knew when it was time to return for dinner!

Now that she has become more mature, she rests on the back doorstep on a mat and sleeps at night in her own bungalow with a heated mat. Mel is a bit deaf now and meows quite loudly because she can’t hear herself.

Mel has had a few health issues recently; such as kidney disease, high blood pressure and arthritis but she keeps plugging on. She has been a faithful companion to them and a big part of the family. Dr Andrea (Mel’s favourite vet) thinks Mel is a marvel. If you have any good news stories about your pet, send them through to us at [email protected]