Meet Winnie

We all know dogs are notorious for eating things they shouldn't, and occasionally we have to open them up to get it out. However, this month at Reservoir Vets we had a cheeky cat eat something she shouldn't, not once but twice! 

Winnie is a 1 year old Domestic Short Hair and was brought into the clinic because she hadn't been eating for a few days, was lethargic, and had started profusely vomiting up polystyrene. Winnie's owner had noticed her chewing on a polystyrene box but had thought nothing of it until she became unwell. By the time Winnie got to the clinic she was very sick and needed to go straight into surgery. When looking for a foreign body, the surgery performed is called an exploratory laparotomy, where an incision is made under a general anaesthetic to gain access to the abdomen, and the gastrointestinal tract is thoroughly searched for an obstruction. During Winnie's surgery, 3 pieces of polystyrene were found throughout her intestines. Being such a small cat, it is no wonder she was so unwell. Winnie recovered well from her surgery and was kept overnight on fluid therapy as she still needed supportive care. The next day Winnie was sent home on strict cage rest with pain relief, and a big scar down her belly. Winnie continued to recover well, and her sutures were removed 10 days after surgery. 

It turns out Winnie is a very cheeky kitty, and potentially gets a little bored when her mum isn't home, because three weeks later she came back into the clinic because she was vomiting up polystyrene again! Winnie underwent the same surgery, and this time 6 pieces were removed from her intestines. Luckily Winnie recovered well from her second surgery, 2 big surgeries within a month is a lot for a young little cat! 

Cats are funny little creatures, and just like dogs can get bored and destructive. Especially when kept as an indoor only cat, they need daily stimulation and play to keep them happy and healthy. Bored behaviours can be exhibited similarly to Winnie; like eating and destroying things they shouldn't as well as over grooming or hair loss, over eating and sleeping a lot.