Meet Tequila

Meet Tequila – one of our wonderful senior patients! Tequila has recently undergone a dental clean carried out by one of our very own resident veterinarians, and the results were not only relished by Tequila, but by Tequila’s owner too! Tequila’s owner was delighted and could not believe how a simple dental procedure had transformed Tequila back into a happy and playful puppy.

Similarly to humans, dental checks in pets are important in detecting periodontal disease, among other dental issues, and should occur once or twice per year. Allowing dental diseases to progress and worsen will have several effects on your pet’s behavior, including inappetence, pain, bleeding and/or swelling in or around the mouth. Preventative measures to maintain your pet’s dental hygiene, such as the addition of special dental foods and treats, or regular brushing of your pet’s teeth (what pet could resist chicken-flavoured toothpaste?), are easy to get a hold of and should also be used routinely at home.

Contact Reservoir Veterinary Clinic to book in a free dental check for your pet and to learn more on the importance of your pet’s dental hygiene! Just like Tequila, your pet will thoroughly enjoy the results.