Meet our patient of the month, Pippi!

Meet Pippi, the one year old German Shorthaired Pointer who recently visited our clinic due to a lump on her lower jaw. Pippi’s family had kept an eye on the lump for a few days and when it wasn't getting better they decided to book an appointment with Dr Jessie.

After examination, it was decided further testing needed to be done to determine the cause of the lump, so Dr Jessie took a fine needle aspirate from the lump to send off to the lab for cytology. The results came back as a salivary mucocele, which means saliva was leaking from a damaged salivary gland orduct. A salivary mucocele is most commonly caused by trauma, foreign bodies, obstruction of the salivary gland or can be idiopathic. After discussion with Pippi’s family, it was decided that surgery to remove the salivary gland was going to be the best alternative for treatment to ensure the salivary gland would stop leaking and reduce the inflammation.

Dogs and cats each have four pairs of salivary glands, so removing one gland would not cause any issues for Pippi in the future. Her surgery was booked in with Dr Lan and her left mandibular and submandibular glands were removed. Both glands were taken as it is difficult to determine which one had actually sustained damage.

Pippi's recovery was long as she is a very active puppy and keeping her quiet to heal proved difficult! You can see in her photo she had quite a bit of swelling from a seroma that developed after her surgery. But after a lot of tender loving care and attention from her family she is now on the mend!

It is extremely important for all paw-rents to check our pets regularly for any unusual lumps or bumps for all ages and breeds. Speak to our friendly team about ways to help your pet stay calm when being examined.