Meet Maggie the Border Collie

Maggie is a lively and very cute 13-year-old Border Collie who was brought to our clinic with her owner Rebecca for her annual vaccination and seniors check-up. Part of the recommended seniors screen is to run a blood and urine screen. 

Maggie’s urine results were normal, but her blood results showed elevated liver enzymes which was a concern to both owner Rebecca and her vet Dr Jessie. Dr Jessie recommended Maggie have an abdominal ultrasound to check that her liver and internal organs were all healthy. 

An ultrasound was arranged for the following week and performed successfully.  Results of the ultrasound found that Maggie's liver was only showing signs of old age and nothing sinister which was a great relief to her devoted owner Rebecca as well as Dr Jessie. Owner Rebecca will continue to do yearly senior checks to monitor Maggie’s liver as well as other internal organs and may even change to 6 monthly checks if Dr Jessie recommends due to any unusual results. We look forward to seeing Rebecca and Maggie at Maggie's next routine check.