Meet Leeroy

Meet Leeroy

Meet little Leeroy, the 5-year old Chihuahua who is our patient of the month! This little cutie spent some time with us for knee surgery this month. Leeroy's paw-rent came home and found him quite upset. He was lame on his left hind leg; his kneecap was dislocated and was not returning to its normal position.

Leeroy’s mum bought him into our clinic for an Xray, which confirmed the suspected luxating patella. His surgery was booked with Dr Lan and Dr Jessie. Leeroy's surgery went routinely and with lots of TLC, pats and treats from his mum and our friendly team he is recovering very well.

A luxating patella, or dislocating kneecap, is mostly seen in smaller dog breeds. Owners often notice their dogs 'skip' or 'hop' on three legs for a few steps and then go back to walking on all four. This is not a normal behaviour and is a sign that the patella is luxating and going back into its place after a few steps. It can be quite painful and in severe cases needs to be surgically repaired.

Ongoing treatment for Leeroy is very important to look after his joint health. As with any orthopaedic injury or surgery, osteoarthritis is a concern for his recovery and wellbeing. Post-surgery, Leeroy had some arthritis injections to help support his recovery and joint health and he will go on joint supplements as part of his long-term recovery.

It is also important that Leeroy doesn’t put on any extra weight, as we don’t want unnecessary pressure and weight on his joints. As with any pets suffering from arthritis, keeping them warm and snug in winter as well as providing plenty of comfy bedding is important to maintaining strong joint health.

Speak to our friendly team for more information on how to manage a pet suffering from arthritis.