Meet Fluffy - Thank goodness for the humble little Microchip

We have all heard of animals being reunited with their owners because they had been microchipped which is fantastic and heartwarming. However, for one little dog having a microchip turned out to be extremely beneficial.

Fluffy came into our clinic late one evening after she had been run over by a car and it was with great relief that Nurse Rebecca was able to locate a microchip. Nurse Rebecca was able to contact the microchip database to retrieve Fluffy's owner details.

Whilst nurse Rebecca was contacting the owner, Vet Jessie was able to check Fluffy over and it was determined that she had a probable fractured pelvis and needed some pain relief and warmth to ward off shock. Nurse Rebecca contacted Fluffy's owner who was very relieved to know her little girl was stable, and she was able to come into the clinic to collect Fluffy to transport her to a specialist vet center for further treatment and diagnostic work up. 

The following day Nurse Rebecca followed up with the vet specialist center and was happy to hear that Fluffy was stable and on strict cage rest to enable her fractured pelvis to mend. 

Dr Jessie, Nurse Rebecca and all the clinic staff were very pleased to receive a photo from Fluffy's mum of Fluffy up and about after her ordeal and recovery. Fluffy’s mum was very pleased that she had microchipped her little girl.