Meet Coco

Coco is an 11 year old Spoodle and she has had a big couple of months! Coco came in for a routine teeth clean last month, in her checkup beforehand a lump was noticed on the inside of her left thigh. It looked much like a wart, but to be safe we took a sample and sent it off to the lab for testing.

Coco recovered well from her dental, however the test results from the biopsy weren't good news. The results indicated that the lump was a mast cell tumour. Mast cells are the most common skin tumours in dogs. They can present in many different ways, such as; bumps under skin, redness, ulcerated lumps or swelling. And can often shrink and expand in size sporadically. Coco's lump looked fairly inconspicuous, and goes to show why it is important to get them checked out on your pet by a Veterinarian.

Mast cell tumours can behave quite eratically, and it is difficult to know whether they are low grade or high grade tumours until you remove them. Low grade tumours are unlikely to spread, whereas high grade tumours can be aggressive and are more likely to metastasize. To be safe you need to remove them with wide margins to give yourself the best chance of getting the whole thing. This often means very big surgery sites and scars for our patients, and can be very confronting for their owners.

Because of where Coco's lump was located, it was going to be tricky to take big margins around the lump, and still be able to close the skin. Coco needed something a little extra. Dr Lan and Dr Jessie performed the surgery and created a flap to be able to close the surgery sight. Skin was taken from her left flank and moved to then cover and close her incision on the inner thigh; not your typical lump removal!

With the help of her dedicated family and the staff at Reservoir, Coco has made a long but amazing recovery. The lumps removed were sent of for pathology and came back as low grade tumours, and wide margins were taken removing the whole tumour, which is great news!