Lucky Lucky!

Lucky, a 6 month old ginger kitten, presented at our clinic last month after having a very eventful day. He had escaped the previous night and returned the next morning limping. His owners rushed him to the emergency centre in Essendon. After an initial consultation with the Veterinarians there he was given some pain relief and transferred to us as we were just opening in the morning.

Dr. Lan Tran first saw Lucky when he arrived. He presented bright and happy but was definitely limping! Examining him she saw what looked to be tire marks over his hips. She spoke with Lucky's owners and informed them that the best thing to do would be to admit him for X­-rays to figure out what was causing his lameness.

After being admitted, Dr. Lan sedated Lucky in order to get X-­rays of his hips. Upon looking at the images it was obvious to Dr. Lan that the poor kitten had fractured his hip on the right hand side.

Lucky for Lucky, things had fractured the right way. The hip was not displaced and since he was walking and weight loading on that leg the treatment was to be confined. We happily kept Lucky in hospital for the next few days to keep him nice and quiet. All of the nurses fell in love with this adorably precocious kitten.

After a few days in hospital, he was sent home on strict cage rest for 6 weeks. He was also given oral pain relief in order to keep him feeling great. We rented out a large crate big enough for Lucky to be comfortable in with his bed, food bowls and litter tray. He will stay in there for 6 weeks before being allowed out. His family report that after 3 weeks he is doing very well and there is no more limping. We look forward to seeing this cheeky little boy again real soon. Stay out of trouble Lucky!