Kenya's Training

Many of you may be aware that Nurse Lindsay adopted a beautiful Kelpie x Whippet last May whom she named Kenya. She is a favourite amongst the clinic and loves coming in for visits.

Kenya is now 18 months old and has a beautiful temperament. Like all young dogs though she has her own set of issues to work through. These include eating the couch cushion when she first arrived into their home.

Kenya is now enrolled in an 8 week group dog training course with Jenny Pearce of a Perfect Spot Dog Training. This 'mature aged student', as Lindsay and her husband Todd refer to her, is thoroughly enjoying her time and working hard on her manners. Kenya is a social butterfly so her main problems lie with not being able to settle around other dogs and constantly wanting to play.

Training has been great as they are taught to lie on their mats even when all their friends are around.

Kenya has a few more weeks left of training and her parents are planning on signing up to the next level of training. This one includes agility which Kenya tells us she is looking forward to.

Most owners are really good about taking their new puppies to puppy school but often don't think about going on to further training. Although puppy school will provide your pet with the basics it is very important to continue their education with further training. Plus it is a great way to spend time and bond with your pet.

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