Jonas and the grass seed

Following last month’s grass seed article, Reservoir had an interesting case come into the clinic. Goes to show grass seeds are definitely something to keep an eye out for! Jonas is a nearly 4 year old Miniature Schnauzer and is a regular cutie at Reservoir Vets. Jonas' family had noticed some swelling on his front right paw. It had become quite uncomfortable and sore and was causing Jonas to be lame. After a late-night visit at another clinic they went home with some antibiotics to help with the infection caused by the possible grass seed. When this didn’t improve Jonas’ paw after a few days, they decided it was time to come in to Reservoir and see Dr Lan.  

Once examined, Dr Lan was very confident it was a grass seed. So, it was decided the best option was to put Jonas under general anaesthetic to see if we could retrieve the grass seed. Dr Lan and nurse Tess performed the surgery; they injected a contrast into the sinus that the grass seed had tract up Jonas’ paw. This showed them on an x-ray how far up his paw it might be. An incision was then made to remove the seed. 

Grass seed removals aren’t always this successful, they can sometimes be very difficult to find. You can see from the picture of the one taken out of Jonas' paw they are only tiny! It’s amazing how something so small can cause so much damage. Jonas was stitched up and sent home with a bandage on his leg, as well as some antibiotics and pain relief. He recovered very well from his surgery and is happily back to normal at home. Jonas’ owners will now be checking his paws and ears regularly for grass seeds, especially after a run around in the grass!