Is your pet bikini body ready?

Has your pet put on a few Covid kilo’s? Did you know we run a weight loss program at Reservoir Vet to get them back on track? This year has been hard for many reasons, and overweight pets are becoming a common health concern seen in the cats and dogs coming through our clinic.

A lot of owners have been working from home for most of the year, which means those puppy dog eyes are getting a workout, but the pooches’ waistlines are expanding. We know a big fat cat, or a squishy little dog can be cute, but as with humans’ obesity in animals comes with a large list of health concerns, such as diabetes, arthritis and joint issues, and will shorten their life span.

We need to be particularly careful with brachycephalic canines (squishy faced dogs), and the shorties such as Corgi’s or Sausage dogs. For these breeds even a small amount of extra weight can have a major impact on their quality of life, health and longevity. It is also important to remember with the warmer months coming, even a few extra kilos can make life particularly hard. But never fear, we are not leaving you on this new weight loss journey on your own!

The nurses at Reservoir Vet run a weight loss program within the clinic to get you furry friends summer body ready. They help you to get on the right track with feeding and exercise to safely lose the weight. As well as regular way ins and support, and all at no cost. Feel free to call the clinic anytime if you have concerns with your pets weight, we are always happy to help!