Houdini's lucky escape

This is Houdini, and he has quite a story to tell. Houdini is an 11 year old domestic cat, he is a big boy and such a smoocher! Houdini came into the clinic back in November; the weather had been horrible all day, and extremely windy. Houdini was attacked by a large dog that came into his yard after the fence had blown down. He was grabbed as his mum was trying to let him back into the house. The attack was terrifying for both Houdini and his owner.

Houdini was rushed straight down to us and was treated by Dr Jessie and nurse Tess. He was in shock by the time he got here and was in a poor condition. He was quickly placed on shock rate fluids, given pain relief and warmed up. Houdini was hypothermic as his temperature had dropped very low. He was placed on a Bair Hugger, which is like a big pillowcase filled with warm air. He was also covered in bubble wrap to help insulate the warmth and lots of blankets. Once Houdini was stabilised we were able to assess his injuries. Amazingly no external wounds were noted except for one missing claw. The concern now was internal injuries, as the attack had been so severe. Now that Houdini was stable he was taken to the Animal Referral Hospital for overnight care and further workup to find out the extent of his injuries.

Houdini was very lucky, his major concerns found were a soft tissue injury to the thoracolumbar region of his back, and a limp on his left fore leg that were causing him a great deal of pain. He was kept in hospital for a few days for supportive care and to get his pain under control. Houdini is also a diabetic so this had to be closely monitored during his stay. Once home Houdini returned to Reservoir for further checkups as we weaned him off his pain relief and continued to monitor his condition. He still comes in regularly for his blood glucose measurements to monitor his diabetes. He is a beautiful boy that we all love seeing in clinic. He has made an amazing recovery and was very lucky! Dog attacks are sadly too common and don’t always have a happy ending. Houdini indeed!