Foreign Bodies

This month has been the month of foreign bodies! In 4 weeks we have had a West Highland Terrier eat an apricot seed, a poodle puppy eat too much of his soft toy. And a cat eat a whole lot of sewing thread. Luckily two out of three passed their foreign bodies after some supportive care, which is quite rare. Unlucky for our kitty cat, he had to go into surgery to retrieve the thread from his intestines, they had bunched up like a scrunchy as the thread made its way through. He is now home and recovering well but he was a very sick little man.

Foreign bodies are common, both cats and dogs are very good at eating things they should not, and unfortunately sometimes these objects get stuck. Foreign bodies are life threatening and can sometimes be tricky to diagnose. Signs of a foreign body can include lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhoea or no faeces at all. Diagnosis is usually an Xray and ultrasound. Sometimes our vets can even feel the obstruction whilst palpating the abdomen. Most cases require surgery, and if caught early are a good outcome. However, if left undiagnosed parts of the digestive tract can start to die and the prognosis becomes more guarded. Luckily for us and our pet parents this month, all our cases have had happy endings.