Enriching your pet's life

Enrichment enhances quality of life, and who wouldn't want to do that for their pets!

Dog playing with a toy

Do you have a bored and naughty pet?  This isn't unusual. Just like little humans, little dogs and cats have a lot of energy to burn.  Giving your pets something to do when you're not at home can save yourself a lot of trouble and keep your pets happy.  Giving your pet a bunch of toys is not enough.  It is normal for your pet to get bored with their toys pretty quickly.  You can solve this by rotating toys given, instead of just giving them all the toys at once.  Leaving different toys out each day will keep them interested.

Playing hide and seek is also a fantastic way to use toys. Use another family member to restrain your dog, and hide the toys while your pet is looking then encourage your dog to find them. As they get better at this, you can do it before you head off to work when they aren't looking.

Toys like Kongs will keep them busy for a longer period of time. You can smear food or pastes like vegemite or peanut butter inside them.

Home made toys are a fun activity for your kids as well as your pets. Just make sure that they are safe for your pet to use and chew on.

There are many toys available for cats as well, and you can use these toys to keep them active.

Cats playing with cardboard boxes

Exercise and training.  A tired puppy is a happy puppy'. This doesn't only apply to puppies though. Your dog of any age will appreciate a long walk or a run around the park. Using a laser pointer or a cat toy to make your cat run around the room is great for their mind and their health.

Another great way to keep your pets happy is to have daily training sessions. Your pets love attention, and also love being rewarded in a positive way. Getting them well trained, learning tricks and keeping them obedient builds your relationship, cures boredom and creates manners.

Paddle pool or sand pit.  These items are fantastic enrichment. You can hide your pets toys in the sand pit, but we wouldn't recommend hiding food in there, as it may go rotten and upset your dog's stomach. The sand pit can also be used to show them where they are allowed to dig, if they are currently destroying your garden.

These things might seem very simple, but it can make an absolute world of difference to your pet’s day. Providing enrichment stops them from being destructive in your home and results in a much happier pet. They would do anything for us, we may as well do a little for them.