Does your pet need a behaviour consultation?

Does your pet have any of the following behaviours that bother you or him/her?

  • Barking too much?
  • Protecting his food?
  • Missing you too much when you’re gone?
  • Overreacting to noises?
  • Showing signs of anxiety?
  • Unfriendly with other dogs or people?
  • Soiling/spraying in unwanted locations?
  • Scratching/biting you?

Let us help you work out why!

Importantly, we will need to determine that your dog or cat does not have any underlying medical conditions that could be causing the behavioural changes.

The next step is to complete a simple questionnaire detailing what is occurring at home in relation to the undesirable behaviour. This allows our Vet to assess your pet's ability to learn and helps you to manage your pet’s behaviour. This is carried out in a suitably extended behavioural consultation.

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above behaviours of your pet, please contact us on to make a suitable appointment.

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