Adopt, don't shop!

The most wonderful and busiest time of the year is over. And for many the start of the new year is a chance to relax and unwind from the busy holiday season. However, for many rescue groups, the weeks and months following Christmas means overcrowded kennels and catteries with newly surrendered animals. 

Unfortunately, rescues see an influx of surrendered animals after the holiday season. For reasons such as, pets being given as gifts to unsuspecting owners. Or children who don’t look after them like they promised they would. Others are surrendered because they are no longer a cute puppy or kitten and are just too much hard work. Taking on an animal is a big deal and averages to be a 12- 15 year commitment, so it is important when bringing a pet into the family that everyone is aware and willing to take on the responsibility. There are many things to consider when wanting a pet such as do you have enough time, space, and money to introduce a new family member into your home? 
Once you have decided that a pet is something you want and can look after, adopting is a great option! There are so many rescues with an abundance of pets for adoption, especially after Christmas.  All animals should come desexed, vaccinated and microchipped from a responsible rescue group, so come ready to join the family! They come in all ages and sizes, and senior pets especially are a really rewarding animal to bring into a loving home. They come toilet trained, and don't require as much exercise! Shelters are also overcrowded with kittens! The lead up to Christmas is kitten season, so many litters are found or surrendered to shelters. So, if you were thinking of bringing a cat home, now is a great time to start looking, they can be such a fun addition to the family. Dogs and cats aren't the only animals up for adoption, rabbits and guinea pigs are also great pets. Especially for older families and adults.   
Adopting an animal in need is such a rewarding experience, and the start of the new year is a great time to think about introducing a new pet into your home.