10 little known facts about rabbits

You may think that you know your rabbit pretty well, but there are many interesting facts about this animal you’ll be surprised to learn. Although quite a small and common household animal, these furry friends have amazing memories, hearing and eyesight, matched with their intelligence and big personalities!

Want to know more?

Here are 10 little known facts about rabbits.

1. Rabbits can be easily house-trained

Yes that’s right! Rabbits can be easily house-trained to use a litter tray, which makes them the perfect pet to have roaming around the house. As rabbits have amazing memories they can easily learn where everything is and where they should go to the toilet. This is even truer for desexed rabbits who are much easier to house-train.

2. Rabbits have nearly 360 degree panoramic vision

While rabbits are naturally pretty small creatures, they have amazing vision and can see nearly 360 degrees, allowing them to see things from all directions even at night! Using their panoramic vision, rabbits can see movement from long distances and from all directions including from the side, behind or above them without even moving their heads.

3. Rabbits are well-known as a symbol of rebirth and fertility

Ever wondered why you eat chocolate bunny rabbits at Easter time? That’s because rabbits represent rebirth and fertility, making them a suitable symbol for Easter time.

4. Rabbits can chew an impressive 120 times per minute!

We all know rabbits like to eat fast, but did you know they can actually chew 120 times per minute? Imagine doing that as a human! Their diet usually consists of fresh pasture and oaten hay with a mixture of vegetables and grass.

5. You can tell if a rabbit is happy if it does the blinky

No we didn’t make this up! A blinky is when a rabbit jumps into the air and twists and flicks its feet and head. This is a common way for a rabbit to express joy and happiness.

6. Rabbits can live up to an impressive fifteen years!

Domesticated rabbits with great quality food, environment and stimulation can live up to fifteen years, with the average age of a rabbit living to between eight and ten years.

7. Rabbits clean themselves to up to 5 times a day

You never have to worry when you’re cuddling your favourite rabbit as they are very clean animals that groom themselves from head to toe approximately five times a day. You can still wash rabbits, however as they clean themselves multiple times a day it is not a regular necessity.

8. Just like dogs, rabbits love to play fetch!

Yes that’s right, just like your pooch friend, rabbits love and crave stimulation both for their physical and their mental wellbeing. A great way to do this is by playing fetch with your rabbit to ensure they get around four hours of exercise a day. Invest in some toys and toss them to your rabbit who will happily run after them and play for hours.

9. Thanks to their senses, rabbits can easily recognise who their owners are

They know exactly who’s who just by looking at a person’s shape, smell and voice and can always tell who their owners are!

10. Rabbits are crepuscular creatures

This means they have the most energy first thing in the morning and in the evening, making them the perfect pet for busy families or working owners. There’s nothing better then coming home from work and playing with your favourite furry rabbit, while your relax and unwind from the day.