Zeus' lucky escape

Zeus is a 9 month old Siberian Husky who managed to escape from his backyard in late January. On his travels he was unfortunately hit by a car and was bought to the Reservoir Vet Clinic by a good Samaritan. Nurse Lauren scanned Zeus for a microchip and luckily he had one. We discovered that he was a patient of ours and had completed puppy school here only months earlier.

Dr Raj examined Zeus immediately and upon examination Dr Raj assessed that Zeus was in shock from his ordeal and that his right foreleg had some abrasions. Dr Raj admitted Zeus to the hospital while Nurse Lauren contacted Zeus's owner. Dr Raj and Nurse Sommer placed Zeus on an intravenous fluid drip. The intravenous fluids would help support Zeus' cardiovascular system and try to counteract the effects of shock. Dr Raj also administered Zeus some strong pain relief as he suspected that Zeus may have some fractures to his leg.

Zeus responded well to treatment and once the shock was subsiding Dr Raj and Nurse Sommer took x-rays of Zeus' leg to see if there were any fractures. Unfortunately Zeus had fractured the 4th and 5th metacarpal bones of his right fore paw. Luckily the rest of his leg looked fine and no other injuries could be found. Dr Raj decided to perform surgery on Zeus the following day as performing anaesthetic while he was still in shock carried increased risks.

The following day Dr Raj and Nurse Sommer anaesthetised Zeus to clean his wounds and place a splint on his paw to allow the bones to heal. Zeus would need to have regular bandage changes because of the wounds on his foot. He has visited the clinic for his bandage changes weekly and has been a star patient. He always welcomes everyone with a wag and a kiss and although he must be getting sick of being poked and prodded.