Vincent and the insect bite

With warming weather and our pets spending more time outside, we need to be vigilant and watch out for reactions to insect bites.  Not long ago, 8 month old kitten Vincent was rushed to the clinic by his owners when he began acting strangely after spending some time outside.

After being outside for an hour, Vincent became lethargic, vomited eight times and began to open mouth breathe. The owners recognised immediately that this was an emergency and rushed him into us.

Vincent was met by Nurse Sharyn and Dr Andrea who took him into the treatment room and put him directly onto oxygen to help with his breathing. Other than his respiration rate being quite high, his blood pressure was reading very low. He was placed on intravenous fluids to help improve his blood pressure and treat his shock. On examination Dr Andrea noticed that his chin was swollen and very sore. He was given an anti­histamine injection.

Speaking with Vincent's owners, Dr Andrea noted that they lived close to Edwardes Lake where there was a concern Vincent may had been bitten by a snake.  Another option was that he had been stung by a bee as he was known to chase these in the past. The next step was to run some blood tests as we continued to stabilise Vincent.

A full blood profile was taken and examined immediately in our in-house pathology. Luckily for Vincent everything came back as normal.

Slowly, Vincent began to improve. After about an hour Vincent's blood pressure had returned to normal and  he was able to be taken off oxygen.  He was remained in hospital, on fluids and monitored by Nurse Lindsay for the next few hours.

Just before our clinic closing time, Vincent's owners returned to visit him. His vitals were all back in normal range although he was still a bit flat, his chin swelling had greatly reduced and it was no longer sore. As he had improved so much with the stabilisation and medications, and due to the blood test results being normal, the Veterinarian ruled that he must have been stung by a bee and had an anaphylactic reaction. Thankfully for Vincent, his parents rushed him straight to us and we were able to intervene.

Vincent was able to go home that night which his parents were thrilled about. The next day it was reported that Vincent was back to his normal self. Hopefully from now on he will not be chasing any more bees!

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