Turtle's limping case

Turtle is a 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier who was bought to the clinic as she was limping. Dr Wayne examined Turtle and found that one of her toes was extremely painful and swollen. Turtle was admitted to the hospital for a general anesthetic and a radiograph of her toes.

Turtle was administered a sedative when she was admitted to help her relax and feel comfortable. She was placed on intravenous fluids prior to her anesthetic. The intravenous fluids help to maintain normal blood pressure while she was asleep and assist in her recovery from the anesthesia.

The radiographs revealed that Turtle had fractured her toe quite severely. The treatment for her was to place a cast on her leg to enable the fracture to heal. The cast will need to stay in place for several weeks, but the plan was for Turtle to revisit the clinic weekly to ensure the cast was sitting in the correct position and that she was not chewing it.

Unfortunately, Turtle's cast got wet due to some heavy rain so she needed to have the cast replaced. She presently still has her cast in place, but she will be back in shortly to have it removed and to have another radiograph taken to ensure it has healed correctly.

Turtle has been the perfect patient with all the poking and prodding that we have had to do so we are keeping our fingers crossed that next week we will be able to remove the cast permanently for her.