Trixie's pre-surgery check-up

Trixie is a 6 month old female Cavoodle who recently visited our clinic for her desexing surgery. Desexing is a day procedure so Trixie was booked for an admission appointment on the morning of her surgery.

At this appointment Dr Andrea gave Trixie a thorough check over to ensure that she was fit and well enough to undergo the surgery. Dr Andrea noticed that Trixies's ears looked a little pimply and sore. She suggested to Trixie's owner that we investigated the ears under general anaesthetic. Trixie's owner had also noticed that her left eye had been weeping a little and asked Dr Andrea to investigate this too while Trixie was staying with us.

Trixie was placed on intravenous fluids before her surgery. These fluids would help to support the liver and kidneys to process the medication she was going to receive. The fluids would also help to keep Trixie's blood pressure stable as this can drop under anaesthetic. 

Once she was anesthetised, Nurse Sommer monitored Trixie's vital signs while Dr Andrea examined Trixie's eye. It looked as though her tear duct was blocked. This blockage was preventing Trixie's tears from draining away, making them overflow from the corner of her eye. A small, flexible catheter was placed into the tear duct and gently flushed a small amount of saline through the duct. This produced some yellow coloured discharge and then the duct ran clear.

Dr Andrea also used a machine called a VetScope to have a look down Trixie's ears. This equipment has a tiny camera and light which can be inserted into small spaces, usually ears and throats, and an image is shown on the screen. This showed that both of Trixie's ears contained an accumulation of dead skin cells and wax which was sitting against her ear drums. Saline was used to flush the ears and remove this debris. It is common that dogs with furry and floppy ears often have ear problems as the dark and moist environment in the ear canal is perfect for yeast and bacteria to breed.

Once the ears and eyes were taken care of, Trixie was transferred to the sterile surgery room where Dr Andrea performed her routine desexing surgery. Trixie's vital signs, anaesthetic depth and blood pressure were monitored throughout by Nurse Sommer.

After the surgery, Trixie recovered in a warm heated bed with lots of TLC from the nurses!

Trixie was prescribed with some ear drops, antibiotics for her eye and pain relief. She will be back for her stitches to be removed in two weeks and we hope that her eye and ears stay clear and healthy!