Too much sun gave Bella cancer

Bella is a lovely white female cat who is now 8 years old - this makes Bella a senior! Her owner was concerned about her ears and nose which were looking a little red. Dr Suzanne examined Bella and found that she had developed skin cancer on her nose and ears. This is due to lots of sunbaking. Just like humans, cats that spend a lot of time in the sun can get skin cancer. This is especially true of white cats, as well as cats with pink noses and ears.

Bella was then admitted as we needed to remove the skin cancer from her ears and do cryosurgery on her nose. Cryosurgery is when we freeze off the cancer cells (just like your doctor might do for a wart or a small skin cancer).

Bella had a blood test to show us that her kidneys and liver were all functioning well and that she was acceptable to have an anaesthetic. Dr Suzanne then placed her on intravenous fluids. This helps to support her kidneys throughout the surgery and helps to make her recovery happier and safer. Dr Suzanne removed the tips of both of Bella's ears where the cancer lived. She also froze the area on her nose where the cancer was living. Bella was given pain relief to help her wake up comfortably.

Bella recovered very well from surgery and went home that day. We have seen her a few times since then and she has been happy and well. She will be coming in again in a few weeks to have the cryosurgery repeated to make sure the cancer stays away. Bella's owner is very happy with how Bella is recovering and will now use sunscreen to protect her from the sun.

If your cat has pink ears or nose please call us to talk about using sunscreen! We can be contacted on 9471 0155.