The perfect bite

Just like humans, not all dogs are born with a perfect bite. This was the case for 1 year old Woody the Labrador who had a really abnormal bite. Woody’s lower canine teeth were pointing in the wrong direction and poking into the roof of his mouth. This caused Woody a lot of discomfort.

To ameliorate this problem, dogs can have the position of their teeth moved by orthodontic procedures. Woody’s owners brought him to Reservoir Vet Clinic for an appointment with Dr. Wayne Fitzgerald.

Dr Wayne examined Woody and explained the problem to his owner. He explained that Woody would require a bite plate fitted to the top of his mouth to redirect the teeth to the correct position. An appointment was made for Woody to have an anaesthetic and stay in the hospital for the day. Once under anaesthetic Dr Wayne radiographed Woody’s mouth to asses the damage. Dr Wayne was able to mould a bite-plane to fit against the roof of Woody’s mouth. Over time, Woody’s bite- plane would gently move his teeth into their correct position. Woody had to revisit the clinic weekly for his mouth to be checked by Dr Wayne and for alterations to the bite plate.

Just over 2 months after his first visit to see Dr Wayne, Woody has a perfect smile.