Tasha’s new set of pearly whites

Our patient of the month is Tasha the 13 year old Domestic Short Hair. At Tasha’s last appointment Dr Wayne Fitzgerald had noted she had a grade 1 out of 4 dental score which is fantastic for her age but he noticed that she had a resorptive lesion on a lower molar.

Unfortunately there is only one treatment for resorptive lesions and that is extraction. Dr Wayne advised Tasha’s owner that she would require an anaesthetic to clean her teeth and extract the diseased tooth. It is only possible to see 50% of dental disease while the patient is awake so to be thorough the patient requires a general anaesthetic to fully asses the health of their teeth.

Dr Andrea Montesano admitted Tasha into hospital after giving her a full examination. Prior to her anaesthetic, Tasha was given a pre-anaesthetic blood test. This test examines the functions of the major organs and identifies any abnormalities. Tasha’s blood test results were all normal.

Tasha was also placed on intravenous fluids prior to receiving the anaesthetic. Intravenous fluids help maintain normal blood pressure throughout the anaesthetic and allows for rapid administration of drugs should an emergency situation occur.

When Tasha was under anaesthetic Dr Wayne thoroughly examined her mouth and all findings were recorded on her dental chart. As Tasha was anaesthetised Dr Wayne was able to closely examine her teeth and he found that she had in fact had resorptive lesions on 5 teeth. Dr Wayne extracted the affected teeth as resorptive lesions are extremely progressive, painful, decay-like lesions that eventually lead to tooth fracture and loss. Dr Wayne administered a local anaesthetic block so that Tasha would be pain free when she woke from the anaesthetic.

After the diseased teeth were completely removed, Dr Wayne scaled and polished all Tasha’s remaining teeth. Throughout Tasha’s anaesthetic, nurse Janelle closely monitored her anaesthetic and blood pressure.

That evening Tasha was able to go home to her owners with a nice clean mouth. She was already eating Hills T/D which is a specially formulated diet to assist in cleaning her teeth so her owners were advised to continue feeding the diet as well as visiting the clinic every 6 months for regular dental check up’s.

Research has proven that 80% of all pets have some form of dental disease. It is preventable with a good diet and regular check ups. The Reservoir Veterinary Clinic offers free dental checks so if you need your pet’s teeth checked please contact us to make an appointment.