Soxee the cat monitored regularly for hyperthyroidism

Soxee is a 15 year old ginger domestic short hair cat who was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in August 2006. His owner had noticed that he had lost weight since his vaccination the previous year. When Dr. Andrea examined Soxee she found that he had a fast heart rate and she was able to hear a heart murmur. Dr. Andrea decided that considering Soxee was an older cat a blood and urine sample was recommended to check for any changes occurring with Soxee's kidneys, liver and metabolism. His owner agreed so blood, urine and a blood pressure measurement were performed.

Soxee's blood tests showed his Thyroxine levels were elevated to a level above the normal range, he had high blood pressure and his kidney enzymes were mildly elevated. These changes mean that Soxee has an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). There were also changes to his kidney enzymes but these were not a major concern at the moment. Dr Andrea talked to Soxee's owner and they decided to treat his hyperthyroidism with medication and review his medication with another blood test 3 weeks later. Frequently follow up tests are required for patient who are on medication to ensure that the dose is correct or adjustments need to be made.

The results from Soxee's second blood test indicated that his thyroid levels were too low which was due to his medication being too high for him. Dr Andrea instructed Soxee's owner to reduce his dose and that he required another blood test in another 3 weeks. The results from Soxee's third blood test indicated that his thyroid levels were within the normal range and his renal enzymes were stable.

Now Soxee's thyroid levels are stabilised he requires blood tests and blood pressure measurement every 3 months to ensure that the medication dose is correct and in order to detect any early signs of other diseases that can occur with our senior pets. Soxee is also weighed each visit to ensure he was not losing weight as senior cats are more prone to weight loss when they are unwell.

Soxee has been in good health since his diagnosis for hyperthyroidism except for a small hiccup recently. He became unwell with an upper respiratory tract infection but after lots of TLC from his owner and antibiotics he is now on the mend and enjoying life again.

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