Sheena makes the grade for Guide Dog training school

Sheena is a guide dog puppy who regularly visits the Reservoir Veterinary Clinic with her puppy raisers Ralph and Eileen. She always says hello to everyone at the clinic, including giving Ma a big kiss. Now that Sheena is 1 year old she has been assessed to see if she is suitable for training as a Guide Dog. The great news is that she passed with flying colours and will undergo intensive training required to become a guide dog. Once her training is complete Sheena will in turn become a valuable and loyal companion for a visually impaired person.

Guide Dogs assist visually impaired people to enhance their quality of life and assist in their achievements of independence, safety and confidence. Puppy raisers are dedicated volunteers who commit themselves to socialising the puppy in all aspects of social behavior.

If you are interested in becoming a Puppy Walker contact the Guide Dogs Association on 9854 4444 or visit their website at or visit their open day on Sunday March 4th between 11am -4pm.