Seeker's story - a reminder, the dangers of human medications and pets

Our Patient of the Month is Seeker, a 7 month old Maltese Terrier X. Seeker was brought to Reservoir Vet Clinic after he had been vomiting. The night before he had eaten two and half Ibuprofen tablets and had not eaten since.

Dr Andrea Montesano examined little Seeker and advised his owners on the dangers of dogs eating Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen, sold as Nurofen, Heron Blue and various other brands, can cause acute renal disease and gastro intestinal ulceration in cats and dogs. Dr Andrea advised Seeker’s owners he needed to be admitted into hospital for intravenous fluids, charcoal, treatment for the gastric ulcers and monitoring of urine output and renal function. Unfortunately it was too late to pump his stomach.

Seeker was admitted into the hospital and placed on intravenous fluids and given medication for his gastric ulcers. Dr Andrea took a blood sample to assess how his kidneys were functioning in addition to closely monitoring his urine output. These tests were repeated daily while Seeker was in hospital to ensure his kidneys were working effectively.

The following day Seeker had no further vomiting and was happy to eat again. For the next four days fluid therapy and urine tests were continued. On day five Seeker was given an clean bill of health. He had recovered without any permanent kidney damage and returned to his owners.

Remember – Human medication can be harmful to your pet. Please never give your pet human medication without first checking with your veterinarian. If your pet does accidentally eat some human medication always contact a vet immediately.