Romeo's nose job

Meet Romeo, a 7 month old Pug cross. Typical of Pugs, Romeo has a cute and adorable short nose. However, his little nose often causes issues with his breathing. Our vets were concerned that as he grew, Romeo's little nose would hinder his breathing more and more. We suggested a simple surgical procedure to widen Romeo's nostrils to help him to breathe easier. This procedure could be done at the same time as Romeo's desexing operation, meaning that he would only need to have one general anaesthetic. Romeo's owner agreed and booked an appointment for his surgery.

On the day of Romeo's surgery, his owner brought him to the clinic first thing in the morning. He had been fasted overnight, a requirement before any anaesthetic. Romeo was admitted into hospital and placed on intravenous fluids to support his liver and kidneys in processing the drugs he was to receive that day. A blood sample was taken and a pre-anaesthetic blood screen performed to check for any abnormalities before his surgery. Romeo's blood test was all normal so Nurse Kara and Dr Bree placed him under anaesthetic and prepared him for his procedure.

Romeo's a routine desexing went well with no complications. Dr Bree then began his nasal surgery. A small piece of tissue was removed from both nostrils in order to widen them. The incisions were then sutured closed with an absorbable suture material. This means that the body would break down the suture material removing the need for the stitches to be removed at a later date.

Romeo's surgery went extremely well and he was discharged that afternoon. He recovered well and was eating and drinking. He was bright and playful by the next day. His new nose should help him to breathe more easily now. This is a common issue in brachycephalic (short-nosed) dogs and should be taken into consideration when looking for a new puppy.