No more head shaking for Bridget

Bridget is a sweet little Dachshund who visited Dr Andrea as she had been constantly shaking her head and was just not herself after coming home from her bath two days earlier. Dr Andrea gave Bridget an all over examination and used a special instrument called an otoscope to check her ears, finding that she had an inner ear infection.

Bridget was sent home with antibiotics, an ear cleaner and drops. Instructions were given to her owner to help clean her ears before administering the drops. A revisit appointment was organized for two weeks time. At Bridget's revisit Dr Andrea re-examined her ears and found that there was still some infection present, even though she was no longer headshaking and back to her happy self. It was decided that in order to help speed up the healing, Bridget's owner would bring her in to the clinic once a week to have a nurse clean her ears. Ear cleaning, antibiotics and drops were to be continued at home as well.

After a few more weeks of regular ear cleans and continued medication Bridget was given the all clear from Dr Andrea after a final examination. Bridget's owner will now ensure that no water gets into Bridget's ears when she has her bath, whether at home or at a groomer's.

Veterinarian's advice: When an animal continually shakes its head a visit to the veterinarian is promptly needed to determine what is causing the discomfort. This will enable correct treatment to begin to prevent damage to the ear structure and put an end to your pet's discomfort.