Nibbles' the rabbit is desexed

Nibbles is a six month old domestic rabbit who was presented to the Reservoir Veterinary Clinic to be castrated. Rabbits should be desexed if they are not going to be used for breeding as there is a high incidence of cancers developing in undesexed rabbits; so desexing eliminates this risk.

Dr Suzanne performed a full physical examination of Nibbles prior to his surgery. He was found to be in perfect health so he was admitted to the hospital ward. Nurse Sommer placed him in a hospital cage with a box for him to hide in if he was frightened and some yummy food. Rabbits cannot be fasted prior to surgery because there is a special mechanism in their gastrointestinal tract functions and if it is deprived of food then it stops working altogether and they can become quite sick.

Dr Suzanne performed Nibbles' surgery, while Nurse Sommer monitored his vital signs and ensured he remained anaesthetised throughout the procedure. Nibbles' anaesthetic was uneventful and went according to plan. Nibbles was a little groggy for about an hour after he had woken up and was trying to eat a few hours later. Nibbles was fed Ox Bow Critical Care which is a slurry that can be syringed directly into his mouth. It is important for rabbits to begin eating immediately after surgery and they love the taste of Critical Care and it is easy for them to eat so all of our rabbit patients are sent home with this to be used for a few days post surgery.

Nibbles went home the same afternoon and is being perfectly behaved after his surgery.