Muta and Zola prepare for a big trip

This month we have two patients of the month, two year old Muta and four year old Zola. Last Month, their owner brought the pair in to Reservoir Vet Clinic to visit Dr Wayne Fitzgerald as they are preparing to travel to the UK later in the year.

Dr Wayne is an Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service(AQIS) accredited Veterinarian, meaning he is accredited for the preparation and inspection of animals for export. To be allowed into the UK, Muta and Zola have to be microchipped for identification and vaccinated against Rabies. Three weeks after they are vaccinated they will need to have a blood sample taken. This test is to insure they are protected against Rabies. If this blood sample is satisfactory, Muta and Zola will be allowed to enter the UK in 6 months time.

Last month, Muta and Zola had their blood sample taken. In 6 months time they will revisit the clinic to see Dr Wayne 24-48 hours prior to their flight for a final examination. After this examination they are free to travel to their new home.