Molly's terrible food choice

Molly is a two and a half year old Spoodle who came to see Dr Andrea in August after an extended bout of vomiting. Molly can be a bit mischievous and has eaten things from the rubbish bin in the past. Dr Andrea was worried that Molly could have eaten an object that could cause a blockage in her intestinal tract. Molly's owners and the vet decided to treat her conservatively to start with, in the hope that Molly merely had an upset tummy from eating something she shouldn't have. Molly was given an injection of a drug which promotes gut motility and function and was sent home with some Hills I/D food, a bland diet which is easy to digest.

Molly's owners continued to monitor her at home and she was eating well. However, she started vomiting again the next evening, and as it was late on a Saturday night, they took her to the Animal Accident and Emergency Centre (AAEC) in Essendon. She was admitted there for intravenous fluid therapy and had x-rays taken of her abdomen. It was hoped that the x-rays would show if there was a foreign body in her digestive tract that was causing her problems. The x-rays revealed some small pieces of wire as well as loops of intestine filled with gas. In the hopes that the pieces of wire would pass through her system, more x-rays were taken 9 hours later. It didn't look like the wire was going anywhere, and as it could possibly puncture her intestinal wall and cause infection and further complications, it was decided that Molly should have surgery to remove the foreign material.

Molly's x-ray showing the bits of wire

An exploratory laparotomy was performed at the emergency centre and the bits of wire were removed. Molly handled the surgery very well and was soon in recovery. She stayed in hospital for a further 24 hours before being sent home with pain relieving drugs and antibiotics.

Molly came back to visit us during her recovery and 2 weeks later her stitches were removed and she was deemed to have made a full recovery. We hope she won't be eating any more funny things for awhile!