Molly returns home in bad shape

Molly is a 1 ½ year old cat who recently had a bit of an adventure. She wandered away from home and was missing for almost two months! When she returned home she was in bad shape, underweight and had got her leg stuck through her collar. Her owners bought her to see us right away.

Dr Andrea removed Molly's collar, which was wrapped around her shoulder and passing under her armpit. The rubbing of the collar had caused an open wound to form under Molly's foreleg. Dr Andrea knew it would require surgery to fix but first she performed a blood test to make sure there was nothing else the matter with Molly.

Molly's blood test results were all fine so the next day Dr Raj performed surgery to close the wound. Due to the location, these kinds of wounds can have difficulties healing. As the cat walks, runs, climbs and jumps, the wound is pulled and tugged in different directions. This can delay healing and even make the wound reopen. Molly's owners would have to do their best to keep her from moving around too much while healing.

For the next week, Molly came in for regular checks. Her wound unfortunately was not healing as nicely as we would have liked. As she is a young, active cat, Molly's owners were having trouble keeping her confined and minimising her exercise. Dr Raj eventually decided that the best thing for Molly would be to have another surgery to re-suture the wound. He suggested that Molly stay in our hospital for a few days afterwards to confine her and give the wound the best chance of healing. Molly's owners agreed. However, even confined to her cage, Molly's wound reopened again and she needed a third surgery a few days later.

So far, this third attempt is working and Molly is healing well while confined to her cage at the clinic. At the time of writing this story, we are expecting to send Molly home in another few days and we hope that then her life can go back to normal!