Missy's visit to the dentist

Our patient of the month is Missy the 7 year old Domestic Short Hair. At Missy’s last appointment Dr Raj Wicks had noted she had severe dental disease. He had advised Missy’s owner that she would require a dental under anaesthetic to clean and examine her teeth.

Dr Andrea Montesano admitted Missy into hospital after giving her a full examination. Prior to her anaesthetic, Missy was given a pre-anaesthetic blood test. This test examines the functions of the major organs and identifies any abnormalities. Missy’s blood test results were all normal.

Missy was also placed on intravenous fluids prior to receiving the anaesthetic. Intravenous fluids help maintain normal blood pressure throughout the anaesthetic and allows for rapid administration of drugs should an emergency situation occur.

When Missy was under anaesthetic Dr Andrea thoroughly examined Missy’s mouth and all findings were recorded on her Dental chart. Upon examination Dr Andrea noted that Missy had feline resorptive lesions in both her carnassials which had caused both teeth to fracture. Dr Andrea removed both these teeth. Resorptive lesions are extremely progressive, painful, decay-like lesions that eventually lead to tooth fracture and loss. Missy had three other teeth with Resorptive lesions, and Dr Andrea removed these teeth also.

After the diseased teeth were completely removed, Dr Andrea scaled and polished all Missy’s remaining teeth. Missy was given pain relief medication to ensure she felt comfortable when she woke from the anaesthetic. Throughout Missy’s anaesthetic, nurse Kylie closely monitored her anaesthetic and blood pressure.

That evening Missy was able to go home to her owners with a nice clean mouth. Missy’s owners were advised to encourage Missy to chew more in an aid to prevent further dental disease. Special dental diets like Hills t/d are available that are specially formulated to assist in the cleaning of your pets teeth. The benefits of dental diets are that they can be fed every day and so will be constantly cleaning you pet’s teeth.