Missy the Pomeranian survives head trauma

A four month old Pomeranian, Missy, was brought to the clinic after her owners had found her crying and unable to stand in their backyard. Dr Andrea examined her when she arrived at the clinic and found Missy had a soft lump on the top of her head. Missy had limited awareness of her surroundings, was unable to stand and appeared blind. Dr Andrea suspected Missy had some head trauma so she was admitted into hospital for radiographs, fluid therapy and pain relief. She was placed on a heat pad and kept under close examination.

Radiographs were taken of Missy's skull. These showed she had a small depressed fracture. This fractured bone fragment had resulted in swelling and damage to Missy’s brain making her depressed, unaware of her surroundings and unable to walk. This confirmed that Missy had a head injury. Dr Andrea gave the little pup medication to reduce the swelling around the site of the fracture, treated Missy for shock with intravenous fluids and some potent pain relief.

Twenty-four hours after admission, Missy showed good response to the medication, but her prognosis was still guarded. Her owners were warned that she could deteriorate very quickly. She was now able to stand, but her movement was unsteady. She had few reflexes on her right hand side and appeared to have no vision from her right eye. But, Missy did recognise her owners and wagged her tail when they came to visit her – this was an encouraging sign.

Missy stayed in hospital for 5 days under close examination and continued on intravenous fluids and medication. She had showed gradual improvement during her stay in hospital. She was able to eat and drink and move around, though a little unsteady. On her fifth day in hospital she was able to be taken off intravenous fluids and her very happy owners were able to take her home. At that time she had some mild nerve problems in her right side, but she could walk around on non-slippery surfaces.

A very lucky Missy returned to the clinic for her check up 5 days later, a happy, bouncing puppy. Her vision had improved and she was a lot more coordinated. The swelling around the fracture site was nearly gone. Both Missy and her owners were very delighted and can now look forward to a normal life together.