Midnight the Guinea Pig loses his tiny leg

Midnight is a young Guinea Pig who was brought to see us after his young owner accidentally dropped him. His owners thought that Midnight had been walking strangely since being dropped. Dr Raj examined Midnight and discovered that his left front leg was the problem. Midnight was admitted into hospital for x-rays of his leg. Dr Eleanor sedated little Midnight and took some x-rays of the sore leg.

The x-rays revealed that Midnight's humerus bone was fractured. Dr Eleanor and Midnight's owners agreed that the best thing for Midnight would be to amputate his fractured leg. On that same day Dr Eleanor performed the surgery while Nurse Kara monitored Midnight's heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure throughout the surgery. Dr Eleanor successfully removed Midnight's leg and put together a recovery and pain relief plan for his owners.

Guinea Pigs need regular meals to keep their digestive systems moving so Midnight was fed 'Critical Care' as soon as he was awake. Critical Care is a high nutrient food for herbivores which can be made into a paste and syringe fed to patients after surgery.

Midnight went home later that day and continued to be fed by his owners through a syringe. Two days later Midnight returned for a post-operative check and Dr Raj was very happy with his progress. Midnight was given more pain medication to keep him comfortable. At his second post-operative check a week later, Midnight had fully recovered, walking around well, gained weight and finished his pain relief medication.

The final step of Midnight's recovery was to re-introduce him to his Guinea Pig friend and return to life as normal!