Meet our very own celebrity and tetanus survivor, Rhonda

Meet celebrity Rhonda, the Irish Wolfhound X. You may have seen Rhonda featured in the Melbourne Times with her owner after she was treated for tetanus at Reservoir Veterinary Clinic.

‘Rhonda’, a 7-year-old Irish wolfhound, was taken to Reservoir Veterinary Clinic by her owner after she was attacked by a dog. She was unable to stand and was experiencing muscle twitches in her front legs, which were progressing to her back legs.

After a thorough examination, on duty veterinarian Dr Andrea Montesano was suspicious of localised tetanus. After consultation with Mr Purdy, ‘Rhonda’ was admitted for treatment.

Rhonda was treated for tetanus with tetanus antitoxin and five days later Rhonda was able to walk unassisted and she returned home with medication to her extremely happy owner.