Meet Nana

Meet Nana. She's a 4 year old lop eared rabbit that came into the clinic in early November. She had been in a fight with her house-mate Kobi which caused a big hole in her ear. Unfortunately because rabbit’s ears are so sensitive and because of the size and location of the hole, Dr Natalie was unable to stitch Nana's ear back together. The only option was to surgically remove the damaged tissue.

Nana recovered well from her procedure and was discharged later on that same day. Since her initial visit Nana has been back to the clinic on several occasions for her post-operative checks and her ear is healing really well as you can see. 
Once Nana was ready for surgery Dr Natalie placed Nana under anaesthetic while Nurse Rebecca closely monitored her vital signs.

Nurse Rebecca monitored her very closely by checking her heart rate, blood pressure and temperature throughout the procedure and made sure her anaesthetic depth was right. Once Dr Natalie had removed Nana’s ear she was woken up and monitored throughout afternoon.Dr Natalie and Nurse Rebecca prepared Nana for her procedure by placing an intravenous catheter in her foreleg.

This allowed intravenous fluids to be given, which supported Nana's blood pressure throughout her procedure and ensured she had a nice, smooth recovery from her anaesthetic. It also allowed us to have easy access to Nana's blood vessels to administer any drugs she required. Her ear was also clipped and cleaned with an antiseptic solution to prepare her for surgery.