Meet Iggy - the cute little pocket pet rabbit

Reservoir Vet Clinic has had a recent surge in the number of rabbits we are seeing as patients and several of our team members are following suit. Iggy is a one year old dwarf lop eared rabbit who was adopted by Nurse Sommer when he was eight weeks of age. Iggy lives with Sommer's cat Polly and they get along like a house on fire. Iggy likes to sit next to Polly for hours at a time and Polly will sit there grooming his head.

Iggy spends his days outside in his hutch eating grass and then he comes inside in the evenings. Sommer has trained Iggy to use a litter tray and she has ‘rabbit proofed' her house so that Iggy doesn't have any access to any wires that he can chew on.