Meet Aurora the frequent flyer at Reservoir Veterinary Clinic

Aurora, known as Rory to her friends, is a 6 month old female Siberian Husky puppy. In her short life she has spent a portion of it at the Reservoir Veterinary Clinic. It began when Rory fractured her patella when she was 3 months old. Dr Andrea took radiographs of Rory's knee and was able to see the fracture of her patella. The options for treatment were strict rest or surgery. We decided to start with strict rest as recommended by an orthopaedic specialist. This was a lot easier said than done for a very active puppy and Rory had to come in for regular check up's every week.

Unfortunately Rory did not improve so after 4 weeks Rory's owner and Dr Andrea decided that surgery was the next step for Rory. Rory had patella surgery when she was 4 months of age. Dr Wayne performed the surgery along with Dr Andrea. She was a very brave patient and recovered wonderfully from her surgery. Once again after surgery Rory's owner had to try and keep her confined. Rory was very good but occasionally it was difficult to keep her quiet as she had a lot of energy to burn. Dr Wayne repeated her radiographs 5 weeks post surgery and they illustrated that her patella had healed beautifully.

One month after Dr Wayne had given Rory's knee the all clear she turned 6 months of age so it was time for her owner to bring her in to be desexed. When Dr Andrea performed her pre anaesthetic checks she noticed that Rory's left lower canine was not sitting in the correct position. The canine was pushing up into her upper palate and causing trauma. The best form of treatment is to place a maxillary bite plane in order to move the canine into the correct position. So Rory was booked in for Dr Wayne to spay her and perform an orthodontic procedure to place a maxillary plate. The plate will need to stay in place for several weeks so Rory will be revisiting the clinic weekly again so that Dr Wayne can check that her tooth is moving into the correct position.

Fortunately for everyone at the Reservoir Veterinary Clinic Rory is the perfect patient. She bounds in the door despite her multiple stays and procedures. She ensures she says a hello and gives a kiss to everyone before she leaves including Ma.