Max' swollen ear


Max visited us at the clinic when his entire left ear became very swollen. Dr Libby Mullen quickly diagnosed him with an aural haematoma, which is a collection of blood or fluid, sometimes a blood clot, which thickens and swells the ear flap. Usually this happens when dogs feel an irritation in their ear, then scratch or shake their heads. This excessive shaking can cause blood vessels to break, resulting in bleeding.

In Max's case, with an entirely swollen ear, Dr Libby suggested surgery was the best option and Max was booked in to see Dr Tanya Lovelock.

Dr Tanya gave Max and his owner a 15 minute consult, including a physical examination and explanation of the procedure. She also noted that Max had chronic dental disease so his owners opted to also have his teeth scaled and polished while he was under the anaesthetic.

Max first received a pre-medication which would help to relax him as well as aiding in a smoother recovery. Dr Tanya and Nurse Sharyn then induced Max for surgery. She first scaled and polished his teeth to take them to a Grade 0 state - shiny and white!

Next, Dr Tanya made an incision in Max' ear so as to drain the haematoma. The ear was then flushed to remove any remaining clots. Dr Tanya closed the incision and fitted Max with a bandage and a very fashionable e-collar so he couldn't take his bandage off.

Max recovered nicely and was discharged to his owner a few hours later. He will be back three days after his surgery for a check up and bandage removal. He will then return in two weeks to have his stitches removed.

Max should be much more comfortable now that the fluid has been drained.

He was such a good patient!