Ma's big operation

You may have heard that our clinic cat, Ma, has been unwell lately. She made our veterinary team here very worried over Easter when she went off her food as this is not normal behaviour for Ma. Her breathing was also strange. She seemed to be putting a lot of effort into her breathing.

Dr Raj gave Ma a thorough examination as well as taking blood and urine for testing. All of her results came back as normal but Ma was still unwell. We were especially concerned about her lungs as she was coughing more and more frequently, and was quite laboured in her breathing. Dr Bree took some x-rays of Ma's chest and lungs to see if she could find any answers. The x-rays showed a possible mass in one of her lungs but the veterinarians could not tell for sure. The lung also looked as though it was not as full of air as it should have been. The x-rays were sent to a specialist for another opinion. The specialist agreed that there may be an issue with Ma's lungs but the x-rays were unclear and so she recommended a C.T. scan, which would give a 3D image of Ma's organs and a much clearer picture of what could be causing the problem.

The decision was made for Ma to have the scan so nurses Lauren and Janelle took her to the specialist centre for the day. Ma's chest and lungs were fully scanned in the C.T. machine, giving a detailed 3D view of her organs. The scan showed a mass that was pressing down on Ma's bronchus and had caused one of her lungs to collapse. No wonder she was unwell!

The specialist recommended that surgery be performed to remove the mass and any damaged lung tissue. So a few days later, Ma went back to the specialist centre for surgery. It was a major operation but the mass was successfully removed. Ma's entire left lung was also removed as it was too damaged to repair itself. After surgery, Ma was sent to the Animal Accident and Emergency Centre in Essendon to be monitored as she recovered.

Two days after the surgery, Ma was given the all-clear to come home and continue to be cared for by our veterinary team. Dr Andrea took Ma home for the first night and weekend for close monitoring and intensive care. Nurse Dee knitted Ma a black and white jacket to match her fur and keep her warm as a large area of her body was shaved for surgery. The veterinary team has been monitoring and caring for Ma since her big operation. You may not have seen her around the clinic much as she still needs a lot of rest. We all hope she will recover soon so she can be up and about, terrorising our team and clients like in the good old days.

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