Ma’s Senior Check Up

Everybody knows our clinic cat Ma. Well, recently she underwent her Senior Check Up, because she is now 12 years old (that's 84 in cat years!) We ensure that we carry out her senior check up at least every 6 months so that we may detect any signs of disease early, such as kidney, heart disease and also arthritis. This means we can treat it early and improve Ma's general wellness and quality of life!

First we analysed her urine concentration and measured her blood pressure. Despite Ma's cranky side, she was a very good patient. She sat quietly as we placed a blood pressure cuff around her forearm and inflated it. Thankfully Ma's blood pressure and urinalysis were all normal, showing no signs of disease. We also carried out a blood test as part of her senior check up to ensure she was free from any other diseases such as hyperthyroidism. The results of this also came back normal.

We had noticed that Ma was sleeping more than usual and finding it difficult to climb and jump onto the clinic benches, where she likes to sit during the day. These are all signs of arthritis, so Nurse Lauren and Dr. Andrea carried out radiographs of Ma's hips, knees and spine and sure enough Ma's radiographs showed evidence of arthritis. Ma was given a course of Pentosan injections to help improve her joint mobility and some anti-inflammatories to ease the pain. It is also important that we ensure she continues to lose weight as being leaner also helps to decrease the pain of arthritis. Ma is on Hills R/d low calorie Premium dry food. We now keep a very close eye on Ma to carefully manage her arthritis.

As our feline friends age, there are many other signs to look out for that may indicate illness. For example, a change in your cats appetite, weight loss, drinking more or less water and any behaviour changes. Any of these signs will warrant further investigation. So, if you are concerned about your pet, please ask how we can help. Ma will tell you all about it!