Little Meeka's misadventure

Meeka is a 6 month old kitten whose owners brought her to the clinic to see us because she had been vomiting and seemed to be constipated. Her owners reported that Meeka had not had any bowel movements for a few days and was not acting like her normal playful self. Dr Raj gave Meeka a thorough check and medications to try to get her digestive tract moving again. As she was such a young kitten, Dr Raj admitted Meeka into hospital to keep her under observation while waiting for a response to the medications. She was also placed on intravenous fluids to keep her hydrated after vomiting.

After a few hours with no results, Dr Raj and Meeka's owners decided to take some radiographs to see if there was anything causing a blockage in her abdomen. The radiographs revealed a foreign object in Meeka's digestive tract which must have been causing her problems!

Our veterinarian team took a series of radiographs over the rest of the day and the next morning to see if the object was moving through her system. If the object was moving then they might have been able to avoid surgery. Dr Suzanne took a final radiograph the next morning which revealed that the object was not moving so the team prepared Meeka for surgery. Meeka was placed under general anaesthetic and a tube was placed in her throat to maintain her airway. Nurse Sommer monitored Meeka's vital signs and blood pressure throughout the surgery while Dr Suzanne located the object.

Meeka recovered well from her surgery and spent the weekend at a 24 hour veterinary centre for monitoring. And the foreign object? It turned out to be the top of a pencil, complete with the eraser. It is important to be vigilant with all pets to keep them away from small objects that may be swallowed, including debris from chewed toys. If you are worried that your pet has swallowed something he/ she shouldn't have, please give us a call immediately.