Lexi's Senior Checks discovery

Meet Lexi, a beautiful 11-year-old Labradoodle who visited us recently for her 6 monthly Seniors Check.  She appeared to be in good health other then her owner noting she had been eating a bit less and had begun slowing down a bit in her old age.

Meet beautiful Lexi the 11 year old Labradoodle

At our Seniors Check your pet gets a full health examination.  This includes a full history of physical or behavioural changes, a physical examination, as well as diagnostic tests should you choose these.  Veterinarians do a full hands on physical examination to feel for or see any abnormalities.  They also recommend diagnostics tests such as blood and urine tests to see what is going on internally with your pet, things that we cannot see from a physical examination alone.

Lexi and her mom were met by Dr Andrea and taken into a consultation room.  After a chat about Lexi’s recent history and lots of treats Dr Andrea got started on the physical examination.  As mentioned, Lexi’s Mom hadn’t noticed anything too abnormal with her behaviour.  She had been eating a bit less and had slowed down but was also 11 years old.  As Dr Andrea palpated Lexi’s abdomen, she felt what she thought was an enlargement or mass of some kind.  She couldn’t determine where it was exactly but was definitely abnormal.  It was decided in order to find out more, a blood test would be sent away to the laboratory.

The following day Lexi’s results were back and unfortunately Dr Andrea had been correct.  The indicators for liver disease were increased in Lexi’s blood results.  She was booked in the following day for an abdominal ultrasound with Dr Sue Ramoo to try and get to the root of the problem and see what could be done for Lexi.

Lexi recovering from her operation

Lexi’s ultrasound revealed that the abnormality Dr Andrea had felt was a mass on her liver.  Luckily for her it could be removed.  She was referred to Centre for Animal Referral and Emergency (CARE) to have the mass removed and we were left to wait for the results. 

Once the tumor was removed it was sent to the laboratory in order to determine what it was.  A few weeks later we received that great news! Lexi’s tumor was a benign mass. Not only was it benign but also it had been completely removed!   We couldn’t be happier for Lexi and her Mom about this outcome.

By getting your pet checked regularly we can help to keep them healthy and hopefully living a long and happy life!

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