Keith's tummy trouble

Meet Keith, a 15 month old Norfolk Terrier who is known to be the “good fur child” of the family. Keith arrived at the Reservoir Veterinary Clinic on Thursday 7th April as his owners were concerned about his abnormal demeanour. Monday night Keith was at the park with his family when they spotted him eating some bones. Over the next couple of days Keith began to lose his appetite, have very soft stools and in the last 24 hours he had started vomiting.

Keith’s family did a great job giving our Senior Veterinarian Dr Andrea a description of the symptoms and history of his health over the past few days. On examination Keith was quite uncomfortable having his tummy palpated and there was a strong possibility there was a bone or foreign body causing his discomfort.

The owners were given the option to further investigate by radiology. They were more than happy to do so as they wanted to get to the bottom of why their furry friend was so unwell.

Keith was then admitted into hospital where Dr Andrea and Nurse Sharyn were able to take a few radiographs which confirmed their suspicion. There was a dense white sharp looking object sitting mid abdomen that needed to be surgically removed.

After discussing with Keith’s owners, permission was given to go ahead and remove the object. Keith was prepared for surgery. Our wonderful Nurse Sharyn made sure Keith was well looked after before, during and after surgery. This included making sure he stayed warm, his blood pressure was maintained, his blood oxygen and breathing were constant at all time. This required the use of different equipment.

Nurse Sharyn had organised sterile instruments for the procedure, sterile gowns and gloves for the surgeon and assistant along with surgical hats and masks for anyone entering. (Like I said wonderful nurse!)

Dr Andrea along with Surgical Nurse Sarah began the surgery by opening the abdomen. It wasn’t long that a sharp object was found. Poor Keith had played with a sharp stone from the garden! It was obvious this was never going to pass through his abdomen on its own. The tissue surrounding the stone looked healthy which was a huge bonus for Keith’s recovery. Once the stone was removed Dr Andrea checked for any other abnormalities. With everything checking out ok, it was time to close up the surgery site.

Keith had a great recovery which allowed him to be comfortably transported to the 24 Hour Animal Accident and Emergency Centre in Essendon for a night stay where he could be monitored closely after his procedure.

With the help of our vets and nurses plus a loving family, Keith has made a full recovery and showed us one of his cheeky smiles at the last revisit consultation.