Keeping an eye on your pet really does pay off!

The owner of Luke, a 4 year old male cat was fortunate to notice that Luke was having trouble going to the toilet. He was straining to urinate and not passing any urine. Luckily his owner realised this was an urgent problem and called the clinic straight away where he was told by nurse Kylie to bring him in for examination immediately.

Feline Urinary Tract disease primarily affects the bladder and the urethra (the tube from the bladder to outside the body). Urinary tract disease is a common problem in cats and can become so severe that a blockage can occur in the urethra. The blockage prevents the cat from being able to urinate and is a life threatening situation.

Dr Raj Wicks examined Luke and found that his bladder was unable to be expressed. Dr Raj advised that Luke would need to be admitted into hospital so that his ladder could be emptied and a urinary catheter inserted while he was under a general anaesthetic.

In the hospital, Luke was placed on intravenous fluids to support his organ functions and blood pressure and then he was given a general anaesthetic. Due to an obstruction in the urethra the catheter was unable to be inserted, so using an ultrasonic probe-tool, Dr Raj was able to unblock Luke’s urethra and insert the urinary catheter. This allowed Luke’s bladder to empty and relieved the build up of pressure that was caused by the blockage.

Nurse Kylie analysed the urine collected to diagnose the cause of the disease. Amongst other things, the urinalysis showed a high number of white blood cells present in Luke’s urine due to infection.

Luke was kept in hospital for 48 hours on intravenous fluids with the urinary catheter in place to ensure he was able to urinate. He was placed on antibiotics to control the infection, given an anti-inflammatory injection for the inflammation and swelling, and started on a preventative prescription diet to avoid the problem occurring again.

Since his time in hospital Luke has made a full recovery with no further urinary problems thanks to his new prescription diet.